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Kratos Rewind

Unveil the world of #Energy solutions that empowers innovation! Here’s a #Rewind of an electrifying conversation with Mr. Jose Rommel C. Orillaza, Operations Head of Kratos Res and his fantastic team:


  • Retail Electricity Supply (RES), any persons or entity authorized by the ERC to sell, broker, market or aggregate electricity to the End-users. Qualified End-users must have a peak demand of 500kW or above End-users may opt to switch to RES.​
  • Green Energy Option Program (GEOP), provides End-users the option to choose 100% Renewable Energy resources as their source of energy. Qualified End-users must have 100kW or above peak demand of End-users may opt to join GEOP.​
  • Retail Aggregation Program, the joining of two or more End-users within a contiguous area into a single purchasing unit shall be part of the Contestable Market. Qualified End-users must have 500kW or above aggregated group.

Renewable & Conventional Energy Options

For more details, you may visit their official website: www.

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